Neoprene Rubber Specification

By | April 27, 2022

Neoprene Rubber Specification. Nbr rubber sheets can be used in a variety of applications that include but not limited to: 0.5mm to 6mm (other thickness on request) sheet size:

Neoprene Sheet Catalogue & Specs, Selangor, Malaysia Rugaval Rubber
Neoprene Sheet Catalogue & Specs, Selangor, Malaysia Rugaval Rubber from

3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15mm and 20 mm; Neoprene rubber elastomeric is a highly versatile rubber compound. View all astm d2000 specification grade sheet rubber products.

Commercial Neoprene Rubber Material Specification Sheet Technical Details Typical Value Units Polymer Neoprene Quality Commercial Hardness 70 Shore A Specific Gravity 1.45 Kg/M2 @ 1Mm Tensile Strength 6 Mpa Elongation 320 % Abrasion 290 Mm3 Compression Set 35 % Tear 20 Kg/Cm.

• use as flange gasket, scraper blades and skirt rubber, strip, curtains, mats, sleeves and linings. The specifications are generic and you can buy the material from any rubber manufacturer or supplier provided that they meet the material specifications. Neoprene rubber sheets are most widely used rubber sheets in the world for general industrial applications.

Natural Rubber (Black) Astm D2000 M1Aa 703 Z1 (Z1 = 75 ± 5 Durometer) Specification Grade Sbr (Red) Astm D2000 M1Aa 706.

It doesn’t support combustion, but self extinguishes. Foams, fabrics and rubber materials. Neoprene also has good resistance to sunlight, ozone and oils.

3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15Mm And 20 Mm;

One grade material is recommended for all ambient conditions. 0.5mm to 6mm (other thickness. As a general rule, neoprene:

It Is Used In A Wide Variety Of Commercial And Industrial Applications.

Neoprene rubber exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over. All of our premium grade neoprene rubber products also accommodate wide temperature ranges and. This type of neoprene rubber has excellent stretching capabilities while remaining strong enough to be elastic.

0.5Mm, 1Mm, 1.5Mm, 2Mm, 3Mm, 4Mm, 5Mm, 6Mm, 8Mm.

40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°. Specification conforms to astm d20000 spec sheet quote; Types of neoprene commercial neoprene.

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