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By | April 22, 2022

Indot Specifications. In addition to quality and workmanship, a major component of this compliance relates to project management and cooperation with the department. Weight (lb) volume (ft3) one yd3 materials ssd batch a 1.755 air i 0 o b 2.582 cement j 507.6 p 508 c 0.452 fly ash k 70.5 q 71 d 4.929 water l 307.5 t(29gal)24 2 paste (e) 9.718 aggregate (f) 17.282 g 6.567 fine aggregate m 1073.6 r 1115 h 10.715 coarse aggregate n 1785.2 s 1810

5Proofrolling field test (INDOT Standard Specifications) Download
5Proofrolling field test (INDOT Standard Specifications) Download from

Products indot #53 crushed stone*. Certification for temporary traffic control devices: Indot does not provide hard copies of the standard specifications outside of the department.

This Request Form Is Not To Be Used For The Contract Bidding Process.

Qa products are products that deviate from indot spec material. Qa #24 stone sand (4.75mm) qa products are products that deviate from indot spec material. Indot is committed to making its programs accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Weight (Lb) Volume (Ft3) One Yd3 Materials Ssd Batch A 1.755 Air I 0 O B 2.582 Cement J 507.6 P 508 C 0.452 Fly Ash K 70.5 Q 71 D 4.929 Water L 307.5 T(29Gal)24 2 Paste (E) 9.718 Aggregate (F) 17.282 G 6.567 Fine Aggregate M 1073.6 R 1115 H 10.715 Coarse Aggregate N 1785.2 S 1810

This site is organized to quickly provide consultants and contractors with information needed to research, review, bid upon, coordinate, manage and complete indot transportation construction projects. Qa products are products that deviate from indot spec material. Work zone safety mobility policy.

Indot Does Not Provide Hard Copies Of The Standard Specifications Outside Of The Department.

Links to important documents and pages can be found below the chart. Click on the product name for a data sheet. There are no supplemental specifications to the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 standard specifications.

Products On The List Can Change Without Notice.

The chart below lists us fabrics' geosynthetics meeting indot specifications. Contact us fabrics for verification. Division numbers shown below match the division numbers of indot's.

There Are 2 Outside Groups Who May Have Copies Of The Specifications Available For Purchase:

Fcr index (for use before september 2020 letting) • lwd test will be performed on the finished grade in accordance with 203.24(b). This site also includes information about specific indot programs, procurement and other.

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