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Bad Dump File Specification

Bad Dump File Specification. Invalid dump file c:\p7db\fpac052912_dp01.dmp i saw some discussion related to the ora errors i encountered and some of them are saying typically exp is higher version than imp, i am now planning to upgrade my oracle software on windows. Datapump import fails with the following errors: *Fixed* System Thread Exception Not… Read More »

Rails Run Specific Seed File

Rails Run Specific Seed File. Copy the code below and paste it into lib/tasks. Rails provides a set of rails commands to run certain sets of migrations. [Rails] Manage data for each seed file from linuxtut.com The seeds.rb file is the place where you can populate your database with some sample records. This is a… Read More »

Eac3To Missing File Specification

Eac3To Missing File Specification. Click on the save as button to name the specification. Then i compared all decoded tracks and run all which didn't match the arcsoft decode through dcadec.exe. Download Another EAC3to GUI for Windows 10/8/7 (Latest version 2020 from downloads.guru Click ok to continue and then ok in the export specification box.… Read More »