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By | April 29, 2022

Specific Lyrics. You said you've got to be certain honey, please i need another dance you said you've got to be certain. It looks like the tide is going home.

Specific Lyrics Version and Old Version Music YouTube
Specific Lyrics Version and Old Version Music YouTube from www.youtube.com

Cause you see i'm better off when i'm all alone better off when you're on the phone better off when i. You can also use the alphabetical bar to browse artists. Gonna wash my bones in the atlantic shore.

You Don't Have To Stay Awake To Talk To Me When You Know Nothing To Say.

Gonna wash my bones in the atlantic shore. Why can't we just lay back and feel the love between us now. Teamarrr] chase that p*ssy like a dog (i'ma need you to be) eat it like a bully in the bathroom stall (way more specific, i'ma need you to be way) be specific, babe (more prolific, you know i need you, need you to be) be specific, babe (you know i want you)

Liam Gallagher Changes Shockwave Lyrics In Dig At Noel And Bono.

Generate again to get different lyrics. I been screening you like una pelicula so baby, let's stir it up, yeah i, i've come to see you what's in your eyes (give me that love, girl) bia bia bia baby [ice prince:] i like you, girl, in particula you in particula said i like your waist in particula i like you, girl, in particula. For example, you can find the lyrics for eminem's rap god by searching rap god or eminem and then selecting rap god from his.

Cause You See I'm Better Off When I'm All Alone Better Off When You're On The Phone Better Off When I.

As we sit here and drink a beer and do nothing. I'm particular 'bout, who i get with it's ridiculous to even think that you're in with a chance oh, you must be tripping boy oh, you're my whipping boy not with that chat that's not where it's at i'm just a little bit more particular it's boring, i'm snoring wake me up in the morning i'm particular 'bout, who i get with it's ridiculous to even. Listen, i'm moving specific by the time i’m done, i'll be the best who ever did it looking at the mirror, checking out the competition never seen a girl like me, they calling me aggressive i did not take you personal, i took you as a lesson this is just some chill shit, baby, just imagine i'ma level up and then they're really gonna panic

I Need You To Be Specific, Babe I Wanna Feel Like You Miss It, Baby [Outro:

Has she got naughty eyes yes, she has got naughty eyes that certain, that certain party you know the one i mean sure you know the one i mean Genius is also a community that lets users expand its database by adding songs, annotations and other data. In time i'd find a little way to your heart.

You Can Choose From A Large Selection Of Over 40 Artists.

I don't think there were any lyrics, i remember at the beginning a voice shouting dj luminous (the only lyrics the track has as far as i remember) and bass drops. I like you, gal, in particular can i see your particulars? Think that i'm trippin' goin' on.

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