Slickline Wire Specifications

By | May 1, 2022

Slickline Wire Specifications. Over balance weight is the additional weight needed to over come friction; The equipment had the following specifications:

02 wireline
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‍ the xcalibur jar acts to greatly increase the force available at the cablehead through using energy stored. Brownfield oil tools recently delivered 20 000ft (~6000 m) wire rope (braided line) to an european operator. Choosing a material for a slickline depends on:

Choosing A Material For A Slickline Depends On:

Gd22 ™ / supa40 ® duplex is suitable for use in wells with co2 and low amounts. Additionally, slickline operators use these wires to adjust valves and sleeves and repair tubing. It is used to lower and raise downhole tools used in oil and gas well maintenance to the appropriate.

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‍ with the smaller cables used for cased hole operations there is often a very limited amount of overpull available to free stuck tools. Wire stretch can also be automatically calculated by the panel. *weight for stretch calculation must include the weight of the wire.

At Loos And Company, We Produce Weld Free Stainless Steel And Exotic High Nickel/Chrome Alloy Well Measuring Wire For Use In A Wide Range Of Environments.

Changes in wire size are accounted for by the panel software. Referred to as well measuring line, wire line, or slickline, this product is a single end wire used for measuring well depths and for lowering measuring devices into a well. Wws custom built dual drum trucks are tailored to deal with extreme conditions.

As Your Rigless Restoration Resource, We Support Integrated Production Well Services With A Global Fleet Of Wireline And Slickline Services.

3/16″ braided line 1×19 (12+6+1) galvanized (class b), formed, tensile strenght 1960 n/mm2, diam, 4,76 mm, minimum breaking load 2495 kgf (5500 lbf), weight 0,111 kg/m, length 6000 m / 1. We can provide a range of materials from standard carbon steel all the way through to the more exotic high grade alloys. Supply slickline in a variety of materials to work in the majority of conditions found in oil wells around the world.

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Balance weight is the tool string weight needed to balance the wellbore pressure exerted on the cable coming through the flow tube. Contact the seller for additional photos and information. Brownfield oil tools recently delivered 20 000ft (~6000 m) wire rope (braided line) to an european operator.

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