Rescue 42 Struts Specifications

By | February 21, 2022

Rescue 42 Struts Specifications. Created with dupont™ kevlar® infused composite, the telecrib® junior assists first responders in stabilizing a vehicle within minutes of arrival. To provide an understanding of the following specifications use maintenance safety.


Designed using heavy duty, top quality, stainless steel locking adjustment “t”. Rescue 42 extrication stabilization equipment. Contact us for more info.

We Continue To Refine And Improve Our Rescue Struts Based On Feedback From The Field.

To 20,000 (2:1) for use with large vehicles, structural shoring &… The success of the telecrib® strut system and. Paratech manufactures shoring systems to stabilize anything from a single passenger vehicle to a derailed locomotive.

Because It Is Removable, It Can Be Moved From Strut To.

Line up the two straps on top of each other and pull the strap tail until tight. Of non kink hose each. Send us an email [email protected]

All Lift 10 Tons (9.0 T) With A 2:1 Safety Factor.

Collapsed length 33 extended length 64 width 7 1/2 height 5 weight 18 lbs: Detailstelecrib® struts are a lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilizationtool designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication. Contact us for more info.

To Provide An Understanding Of The Following Specifications Use Maintenance Safety.

We get a lot of great feedback about our struts. Vehicle rollover into ditch extrication. When you need to deploy the strap.

Small 27” Length 42” Length 19 Lbs.

Removable strut jack turns any strut into an 8,000 lb ram. 18,000 lb max working load with 2:1 safety factor. Rescue 42 strut long strut specs collapsed lenth extended length width height weight:

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