Ping S56 Irons Specifications

By | January 14, 2022

Ping S56 Irons Specifications. Some will find the price point ($150 per club) too high to consider. 1995 zing 2 irons w54 ping graphite aldila/g loomis w54 93.355.600 3b3m / 4b2m ** 1995 zing 2 irons x65 ping graphite aldila/g loomis x65 97.355.600 3b3m / 4b2m ** 1996 ping isi k irons jz steel true temper jz 115.355.600 4c1m taper tip 1996 ping isi k irons u44 graphite g.

Ping S56 Individual Irons The Golf Club
Ping S56 Individual Irons The Golf Club from

In an s series iron. A lot of technology in a small package. Head weight 259.9 c dimension 1.293;

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These irons are not designed with distance in mind as they were consistently shorter than comparable irons i have tested. This change alters the feel and forgiveness for the better. The word apparently was that the s58's were somewhat of a happy mistake in.

Ping Got It Right With The S56 Irons.

Via twitter >> let ping know your thoughts on the new design! They felt gorgeous out of the middle and were the longest here. Stock shafts are dynamic gold, kbs tour, and tfc 149i.

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My name is adam beach. A little more forgiving than the s56 irons, with a slightly softer feel.they also fly a bit farther than the previous model. One word of caution though:

Golfers In The Market For A Set Of Players Irons Should Consider The Ping.

On the back of the heads are two stabilising bars. Purists will be disappointed that these aren’t forged, and their $999 price tag (with ping’s cfs steel shafts) is steep for a cast iron. Head weight 259.9 c dimension 1.293;

The Heads Are Very Small, They Don't Feel As If They'll.

S56 irons also have higher hosels than ones from s57. A steel body design with variable tungsten toe weighting positions the cg for higher launching long irons and more controlled, penetrating trajectories in the short irons. The stock shaft options are ping’s cfs, z65, or tfc 189i (graphite).

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