M22759 Specification

By | May 2, 2022

M22759 Specification. For identification purposes, the m22759 airframe wire has a print on the outside of the wire to identify the internal insulation. Skip navigation ‹ close menu.

22759 33
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Polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) insulated, copper or copper alloy conductor. Break down of the m22759 wire specification. Of conductor (in) resistance at 20°c (ohms/1000 ft) (max) min dia.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (Ptfe) Insulated, Copper Or Copper Alloy Conductor.

Skip navigation ‹ close menu. Of conductor (in) resistance at 20°c (ohms/1000 ft) (max) min dia. Of conductor (in) max dia.

It Has A Tin Plated Copper Conductor And Is Rated At 600V.

Break down of the m22759 wire specification. Silver coated, 600 volt, 200°c. We have accurate technical support, and prompt, friendly customer service.

For Identification Purposes, The M22759 Airframe Wire Has A Print On The Outside Of The Wire To Identify The Internal Insulation.

To inquire about m22759 wire (sae as22759) available from carlisleit, please fill out the form below, and one of our sales engineers will contact you. Sae as22759 & m22759 spec. Our m22759 and sae as22759 wire feature fluoropolymer insulation types that create a hard slick coating that provides superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

It Is Resistant To A Variety Of Chemicals And Solvents With Good Flexibility, Mechanical Toughness.

Contact information 37 horizon drive bristol, ct 06010 usa phone: Our m22759 and sae as22759 wire meets requirements for small dimensions, high temperature resistance, low weight and low flame propagation. P ri n tg of cl des a on sur f ace of wi re i nsu l a t i on i s not requ i red.

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