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By | June 16, 2022

.Gitlab-Ci.yml Only Specific Branch. Also, we can combine the usage of those keywords with gitlab variables. Do not launch when pushing to the master branch when only tag changes

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Hosting on with GitLab Pages GitLab from about.gitlab.com

Also, we can combine the usage of those keywords with gitlab variables. A simple way to prevent an issue like this, which would use the already existing protected branch features, is to lock variables to specific branches. You could try a combination of except and only.

Instead Of Using Only/Except You Can Use.

It may be hard to avoid detection, but he can do it. A good name for this option could be keep_latest. This triggers a notification to the runner you specified in #3, and then it processes the series of tasks you specified.

Proposal Allow Runners To Be Limited To Specific Branch/Tags Or At Least To Protected Branches Only.

Other configuration files and templates you want to include. When a new pipeline starts, gitlab checks the pipeline configuration to determine which jobs should run in that pipeline. Description i want to trigger different builds on events connected with branch dev for two scenarios:

We Can Determine Jobs To Run Based On The Value Of The Pipeline Variables.

Ci triggers a job and your commands are executed. You can nest up to 100 includes. Choose when to run jobs.

Maybe Such An Option Could Be Used In Combination With Expire_In To Let Older Artifacts Expire After A Certain Amount Of Time.

In this way, you can prevent users from. If a project uses ci for deploy to a server, it needs access to the target server. In the example above, i am telling the pipeline to avoid running when a repository tag is pushed and to run only when a commit is done in the master branch.

Nested Includes Can Include The Same Configuration File.

The duplicate configuration file is included multiple times, but the effect is the same as if it was only included once. To configure a job to be included or excluded from certain pipelines, you can use: You can configure jobs to run depending on the status of variables, the pipeline type, and so on.

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