Excel Vba Move Cursor To Specific Cell

By | April 22, 2022

Excel Vba Move Cursor To Specific Cell. Open the ms excel, go to sheet2 where the user wants to select a cell and display the name of the user. Results 1 to 6 of 6 force cursor move to specific cell.

Excel vba move down one visible cell
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The macro will move the cursor form the current activecell (a1) say 6 columns to the right, making cell g1 now the activecell. Vba to move to a specific cells after pressing enter. How can i delete a column in sheet 2 based on sheet 1?

A1), Making It The Activecell.

Your orignal code used the select case construct to discover the current location, ours remembers it. I want a macro which will move cursor to right cell of the same row when the user will press enter in a particular sheet of particular workbook. How would i set up specific key combinations to automatically move the cursor to specifically designated cells?

Go To The Developer Tab >> Click On The Visual Basic.

Press alt + f11 keys simultaneously to open the microsoft visual basic for applications window. That is, to move from a cell not changed, one must change it. This is needed because the first code triggered when a location was changed, but the cursor was still in the last.

In My Quest To Remove As Many.select's As I Can, I'm Looking For A Method To Substitute For This Special Case.

On running the macro i want cursor to move to sheet2 column b and row number as per value put in sheet1 cell j2. In the past, i've always used a simple range .select statement. Auto move cursor to specific cell with vba code.

I Want Cursor To Move From Cell “L43” To Cell “S28” After Inputting Data And Pressing Enter.

Many have used the same or slightly modified version. I have tried the tools\options\edit\move selection after enter , but this applies to excel as a whole and needs to be change every time if another worksheet or workbook is used and. Private sub worksheet_change (byval target as range) if target.address (false, false) <> a3 then exit sub application.enableevents = false if target.value = no then range (f3).select end if.

The Macro Will Move The Cursor Form The Current Activecell (A1) Say 6 Columns To The Right, Making Cell G1 Now The Activecell.

How can i delete a column in sheet 2 based on sheet 1? Control cursor movement in vba. I can't think of any, but i'm sure one of you wizards knows a way.

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