Ball Joint Specification Chart

By | April 16, 2022

Ball Joint Specification Chart. Below are commonly available taper joints in both “full length” and “medium length” sizes. Make deflection after joint assembly but before tightening bolts.

 Repair Guides Specifications Tire, Wheel & Ball Joint
Repair Guides Specifications Tire, Wheel & Ball Joint from

That the ball joint seal is contacted. Model year type axial radial axial radial. With vehicle resting on all wheels, use a pry bar or similar leverage to apply vertical force to.

Place A Jack Under The Ball Joint And Load The Joint By Raising The Jack.

Ball joints (stabilized oct 2012) j490_201210. Products light vehicles commercial vehicles. Push the gland toward the socket and center it around the pipe with the gland lip against the gasket.

Secure Dust Boot And/Or Retaining Ring (As Applicable).

Attach the dial indicator clamp to the lower ­control arm and locate the dial in a vertical position to measure axial runout at the steering knuckle. Keep the joint straight during assembly. Promotes longer life and smooth articulation.

Never Pound The Ball Joint Out By The Ball Stud!

The required universal joint size can be determined by establishing the point of intersection of the rpm x working angle figure As a wheel on your vehicle moves up and down the suspension pivots through ball joints. These specifications represent oem recommended procedures where possible.

Use A Pickle Fork To Push Evenly On Both Sides Of The Ball Joint Housing Until The Taper Is Free From The Spindle.

Do not press on the ball stud to remove the ball joint from the control arm! Press on the housing only. Make deflection after joint assembly but before tightening bolts.

Allow The Cleaner To Set In Before You Begin Working On The Various Components).

Moog® ball joints steering and suspension components play a crucial role in the safety of your customers’ vehicle. Continue tightening the forcing screw until the ball joint is removed or installed. All that time, we have remained a trusted suspension parts company on the global market.

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